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NEX Skincare is more than a symbol of luxury and scientific innovation in the beauty industry. It's a testament to the passion, dedication and a deep-rooted purpose of itsco-founders.

At its core are Faiza Husain and Syed Ahmed, whose science-led, inclusive and environmentally responsible vision and mission drive the creation of the most effective new era of smart-ageing skincare.



Faiza, an MSc Cosmetic Scientist, has worked with some of the most advanced laboratories globally, creating hi-tech, clinically backed formulas and biotech-led consumer-loved innovations. She has contributed to the launch of hundreds of products worldwide, including many household brand names taken to market by industry leaders.

Syed Ahmed

award-winning entrepreneur

Syed Ahmed is an award-winning entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in business strategy, raising capital and launching innovative products now used by some of the world’s leading brands.

Together they recognised a significant gap in the market for science and efficiency-led skincare solutions suitable for all skin tones but inclusively developed for melanin skin’s nuances. This mutual understanding and determination to address this need forged their partnership and laid the foundation for a joint venture.

Their vision, born from personal experiences and a relentless pursuit of excellence, reflects a burning desire to make a difference in the skincare and wellness industry inclusively for all skin tones.

“Skincare has always been a personal passion of mine. My journey began with teenage acne and over the years, I faced the additional challenge of finding effective products that would manage melanin skin nuances like mine.

This experience has driven me to expertly formulate solutions that enhance skin longevity and address
the unique needs of my skin.” -Faiza Hussain

“At NEX Skincare, our ethos is rooted in science, sustainability and inclusivity.” – Syed Ahmed

We champion a world enriched by vegan, cruelty-free smart formulations and a commitment to sustainability through refillable packaging and in-store programs. We are proud to pledge our skincare to make a positive difference.

We are deeply committed to ensuring that our business operations reflect our dedication to social and environmental responsibility. We understand that our actions can make a difference and we have crafted policies to embed our values in every facet of our operations, enriched by our vegan-certified, cruelty-free smart formulations and our commitment to sustainability through refillable packaging and in-store programs.